In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders

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In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders
Genre Crime
Distributed by NBC
Directed by Dick Lowry
Produced by David R. Kappes
Written by Tracy Keenan Wynn
Starring David Soul
Music by Laurence Rosenthal
Cinematography Mike Fash
Editing by Byron 'Buzz' Brandt
Anita Brandt-Burgoyne
Production company Telecom Entertainment Inc.
World International Network
Country United States
Language English
Original channel NBC
Release date November 27, 1988
Running time 92 min

In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders is a 1988 made-for-television crime film starring David Soul.

This film is about a real event that occurred April 11, 1986. Two former army buddies, Mike Platt (played by David Soul) and Bill Matix (Michael Gross), commit a series of murders and bank robberies in Miami, Florida; a group of F.B.I. agents led by Benjamin Grogan (Ronny Cox), is designated to carry out the investigation. The story concludes with one of the bloodiest clashes in FBI history, the 1986 FBI Miami shootout.



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