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For the 2013 Polish film, see In the Name Of (film).
In the Name Of (record label)
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment
Founded 2011
Founder Lily Allen
Status Active

In the Name Of is a Britanic record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment and founded in 2011 by singer Lily Allen.


The singer has been working on establishing her label since 2009, when she also announced she would take a break from recording her own music, adding she wanted to set up her own label as she was disillusioned with the music industry. She said: "I'm setting up a record label at the moment, getting involved in lots of different things. I think things need to change in the music industry and we need to rethink a lot of stuff."[1]

In January 2011, Allen's representatives confirmed she is launching her own record label, known as In the Name Of. The first act signed to the label which is financially backed by Sony Music is New York noise pop duo, Cults. Sony is backing the new company and they have given Allen her own £100,000 salary to hire staff and set up an office, according to UK newspaper The Sun.[2]

According to the label's website, "ITNO is a record label at heart but manifests in many other ways. We want to become an outlet for musical creativity, no matter what genre, type of sound or level of obscurity it may fit into. It just has to be good. It’s a new label and we are aiming to work differently. There is not one mold for all, and we aim to create ideas and plans that are right for each artist individually. But for that reason, we are looking for ambitious, proactive artists who are ready to take the bull by the horns and use their creativity to reach people. Although music is the basis for the label, we are not blinkered by a love of sound. We love lots of other forms of creativity too. If we see something we like and think we could help with – be it a drawing, publication or even something inconceivably new – then we’ll make it our goal to take it on and work to bring it to EVERYONE. The music industry is ever changing, and it should be. We at ITNO will approach the business of music with understanding of today’s technology and what it can enable, not the constraint of yesterday and its limitations. ITNO is not one person. Or 4. Or 10 in grey suits. ITNO is composed of individuals who are all united in their love of music, but whose collective background encompasses successful careers in music, TV, fashion, entertainment, marketing, music merchandise, event organization and PR. We will harbor these skill sets and use them to create great products, ideas and campaigns for an audience. We want the audience to be everyone." [3]

Current artists[edit]


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