In the Red (Tina Dico album)

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In the Red
Studio album by Tina Dico
Released January 24, 2006
Label Defend Music
Tina Dico chronology
In the Red
Count To Ten

In the Red is a 2006 album by Tina Dico.[1][2]

  1. "Losing"
  2. "Warm Sand"
  3. "Nobody’s Man"
  4. "The City"
  5. "Give In"
  6. "In the Red"
  7. "Head Shop"
  8. "Use Me"
  9. "Room with a View"
  10. "My Mirror"
  11. "One"
  12. "Long Goodbye"

Three songs on the album are new versions of previously released songs. An early version of "My Mirror" was released on Fuel (2001), while "Warm Sand" and "Room with a View" were originally released on the album Notes (2003).

Special edition[edit]

In 2007, a 2-disc 'Special Edition' of In the Red was released, featuring 11 tracks from an acoustic show at the Copenhagen JazzHouse recorded on April 24, 2006, plus two b-sides. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" is listed as "Don't Think Twice" on the CD's back cover.

Bonus disc tracklisting:

  1. "One"
  2. "Break Of Day"
  3. "Craftsmanship And Poetry"
  4. "Use Me"
  5. "Room With A View"
  6. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" (Bob Dylan cover)
  7. "Magic"
  8. "Warm Sand"
  9. "Undone"
  10. "In The Red"
  11. "Back Where We Started"
  12. "When You're Away" (b-side of "Warm Sand")
  13. "Lost In Art" (b-side of "Losing")


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