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Ina (film).jpg
CD Cover
Directed by I. V. Sasi
Produced by Ramachandran
Written by John Paul
Starring Master Raghu
B. K. Pottekkadu
Music by Songs:
A. T. Ummer
Background score:
Bichu Thirumala
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Edited by K. Narayanan
Murali Movies
Distributed by Raj Pictures
Release date(s) 1982
Running time 128 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Ina is a 1982 Malayalam film directed by I. V. Sasi. The film explores teen lust, child marriage and the consequences. It stars Master Raghu and Devi in the lead roles while Kanchana, Rasheed and B. K. Pottekkadu play major supporting roles. The film received strongly positive reviews upon release.[1] It was a bold attempt in Malayalam cinema, and is regarded as a trendsetter movie. It's basic story is inspired from the classic The Blue Lagoon (1980 film)


Vinod (Master Raghu) and Anitha (Devi) are classmates in school and have their own private problems. Vinod's stepmother wants to seduce him, and Anitha is an illegitimate child that her mother never wanted. On a rainy day they take shelter in a train wagon, which starts moving before they could get out and stops next in a forest area a long way away from home. There, they find a couple of recluses - a widow and an ex-army officer - living their own lives and willing to accept them.

As they were in early puberty they live like normal children. But as puberty stage starts, both experiences lust over each other. The widow accepts them as foster children and perform their marriage, but fate intervenes as an incurable disease for Anitha.


  • Master Raghu/Karan (Karan) as Vinod aka Vinu
  • Devi as Anitha aka Ani
  • Kanchana as Aunty
  • Rasheed as Major
  • B. K. Pottekkadu as Khader
  • Daisy


The film features a notably successful soundtrack composed by A. T. Ummer. Lyrics for the songs were penned by Bichu Thirumala.

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The film is to be remade after nearly two decades with newcomers Yuvan and Swathi playing the lead roles. The film was launched in November 2011 and will be filmed from Athirappally, Vazhachal, Ezhattumukkam and Mysore. It is written and directed by Mahesh Karanthoor.[1]


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