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Limu poke at a retirement party buffet in Puunene, Maui in 2005. It was made with fresh ahi (yellowfin tuna), inamona (chopped kukui nuts), green onions, and long ogonori (a kind of limu or seaweed that branches like small blood vessels and tastes like the ocean). It is presented on a bed of red cabbage

Inamona is a condiment or relish used in traditional Hawaiian cooking made from roasted kukui nut (candlenuts) and salt.[1] It is made with roasted and mashed kukui nutmeats and sea salt. It is sometimes mixed with seaweeds, often accompanied the meals.[2]


Used in Poke and sometimes Sushi. Enhances the flavor of the Poke, sometimes called Hawaiian style which mixes sesame oil, limu, salt and Ahi or sometimes Aku.


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