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Incheon's Chinatown is Korea's only official Chinatown.[citation needed] It is in Jung-gu ward and was formed in 1884. It used to be the largest such Chinatown in South Korea before the exodus of Chinese from the country.

In 2002, to capitalize on the large number of Mainland Chinese visitors who visiting South Korea, the Incheon city council planned to revive its moribund Chinatown at a cost of US$6.2 million (6.5 billion South Korean won).[citation needed] It claims to be the largest Chinatown in South Korea, and features an 11-metre high Chinese-style gateway, or paifang.

As of 2007 few ethnic Chinese live in the Incheon Chinatown.[1]

Buildings in Chinatown, Incheon


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Further reading[edit]

  • Yi Jung-hee. A Country Without a Chinatown.