Incheon Sungui Stadium

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Incheon Sungui Stadium
Incheon Sports Complex 20080414-1.JPG
Former names Incheon Civic Stadium
Location Dowon-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea
Owner City of Incehon
Operator City of Incehon
Capacity 35,000
Surface Natural grass
Yukong Elephants (1987-1990)
Incheon Korail FC (2003-2007)

Incheon Sungui Stadium was a multi-purpose stadium in Incheon, South Korea. It was formerly used mostly for football matches, and was the home of National League side Incheon Korail. The stadium had a capacity of 35,000 people, with 25,000 seats and 10,000 . It was built in 1920 and was demolished on June 13, 2008 to make space for the Incheon Football Stadium.

Coordinates: 37°27′56″N 126°38′36″E / 37.465679°N 126.643420°E / 37.465679; 126.643420