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The future 29.3 km Incheon Subway Line 2 is planned to have 27 stations from Oryu dong in Seo-gu to Incheon Grand Park.[1]

Line 2 has been under construction since June 26, 2009 and was planned to open in August 2014[2] but has been pushed back to 2016.[3] It will intersect Line 1 at Incheon City Hall Station, Korail Line 1 at Juan Station, and AREX at Geomam Station.

It will use a fleet of 37 two-car trains built by Rotem, a member of Hyundai Motor Group.[2][4] These will be similar to the Canada Line cars in Vancouver, Canada.


Station Name
Station Name
Station Name
Station Type
I201 Oryu-dong 오류동 Aboveground
I202 Wanggil 왕길 Aboveground
I203 Geomdan 검단 Underground
I204 Majeon 마전 Underground
I205 Wanjeong 완정 Underground
I206 Baekseok 백석 Underground
I207 Geomam 검암 AREX Aboveground Incheon Seo-gu
I208 Geombawi 검바위 Aboveground
I209 Gongchon sageori 공촌 사거리 Underground
I210 Yeonhoe (Seogucheong) 연희 (서구청) Underground
I211 Kajeong ogeori 가정오거리 Underground
I212 Sinhyeon 신현 Underground
I213 Seongnam 석남 Line 7 (2018)[5] Underground
I214 Seongnam sageori 석남 사거리 Underground
I215 Geonji 건지 Underground
I216 Gajaeul 가재울 Underground
I217 Namgajwa 남가좌 Underground
I218 Juan 주안 Seoul Line 1 Underground
I219 Simin gongweon 시민공원 Underground
I220 Seogam 석암 Underground
I221 Incheon City Hall 인천시청 Line 1 Underground
I222 Guwol 구월 Underground
I223 Moraenae 모래내 Underground
I224 Mansu 만수 Underground
I225 Namdong gucheong 남동구청 Underground
I226 Incheon Grand Park 인천대공원 Aboveground
I227 Unyeon-Maintenance Center 운연 Underground

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