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Background information
Origin Sciacca, Italy
Genres Symphonic black metal
Years active 1993-present
Labels Inch Productions
Members Agghiastru
Rosario Badalamenti
Franco Barbata
"Tati" Natascia

Inchiuvatu (Sicilian: Nailed) is a Sicilian musical group combining symphonic black metal mixed with Sicilian folk melodies played with friscalettu, a traditional Sicilian flute, and a strong prominence of the piano.

I remember only an Italian black metal band, from Sicily... I don't remember their name, but they sung in Sicilian dialect! They had unique atmospheres... I was absolutely thrilled.

—Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell[5]

Almost all lyrics are sung in Sicilian dialect,[5] except for some occasional incursion in English and Italian.
The sound of Inchiuvatu is often compared with that of many other symphonic black metal bands like Emperor or Dimmu Borgir, but their peculiar attitude and continuous link with the Sicilian traditions make their compositions unique.[citation needed]

The principal lyrical themes are sex, anti-Christianity and existential drama, synthetised with the expression "Drama-Sex-Christ".

"Inchiuvatu" (nailed) isn't related only to Jesus but express the inability of the man to face and sort out the great existential question of the meaning of life.[6]


  • TrinaKa (EP, 1993)
  • Strurusia ["Mischievousness"] (EP, 1994)
  • Demoniu ["Demon"] (EP, 1994)
  • Venniri Santu ["Holy friday"] (Live EP, 1994)
  • Inchiuvatu ["Nailed"] (Demo album, 1995)
  • Addisiu ["Desire"] (Album, 1996)
  • Viogna ["Shame"] (Album, 2000)
  • Piccatu ["Sin"] (Album, 2004)
  • Miseria ["Misery"] (Album, 2008)
  • 33 (EP, 2008)
  • Ecce Homo ["Behold the Man"] (EP, 2011)
  • INRI (EP, 2013)
  • Via Matris (EP,2014)


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