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This article is about the organization. For the American heavy metal music ensemble, see Incite (band).
Industry Market research and consulting
Founder(s) Elaine Kent-Smith
Sid Simmons
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Number of locations London
New York
Key people Roger Banks (Group Managing Director)
Peter Kneale (UK, Managing Director)
Kevin Kruper (US, Managing Director)
Rosalynn Tang (Singapore, Managing Director)
Services Market Research
Employees >100
Parent St Ives Group

Incite is a strategic market research consultancy headquartered in central London[1] and own by the St Ives Group. The company was founded in 2000 by Elaine Kent-Smith and Sid Simmons. Incite currently has offices in London, New York and Singapore, with an upcoming one in Shanghai. The company claims to have expertise in branding, innovation, segmentation, behavioral change and pricing, and focuses on the following four segments: technology, FMCG, healthcare and financial services. The company is currently led by Roger Banks, who serves as the Group Managing Director.


Incite was started in 2000 by Elaine Kent-Smith and Sid Simmons. The company grew to a revenue of £8.1mil before being acquired by the St Ives Group in 2012.[2]

New York Office

The New York office was started in June 2013 on Madison Avenue and is headed by Kevin Kruper, who serves as the Managing Director. The expansion marks the very first move by the company to extend its reach globally.

Singapore Office

The Singapore office was started in June 2013 and was originally situated at the posh One Fullerton building. The company has since moved to Armenian Street. The Singapore office is headed by Rosalynn Tang, who serves as the Managing Director.

Shanghai Office

The Shanghai office is planned to open by June 2014.


Incite competes in the market research industry where the bigger players are Nielsen, Kantar Group and Ipsos. While Incite remains one of the fastest growing market research agency, as a result of keen competition, the company has to constantly find ways to gain competitive advantages. Incite purports to hire "only the top 1% of industry talent.[3]" Many of the present Incite staff, most notably, the present CEO Roger Banks, were previously from Research International, following its merger with TNS.[4]

The company regularly posts thought-leadership articles on its blog and social media pages.


The company was awarded the Best Agency Award 2013 (turnover under £20mil) by the Market Research Society.[5]

Incite is the Winner of the 2014 AURA Commercial Acumen award.[6]


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