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An incontinence pad is a small, impermeable multi-layered sheet (such as cotton [washable] or paper [disposable]) with high absorbency that is used in the incontinence and health-care industries.[1] The term may be used to refer to what are also known as Incontinence Diapers or Incontinence Nappies. Incontinence pads are used as a precaution against Urinary incontinence. Incontinence pads are usually placed in an undergarment or on a bed or chair under a person. Incontinence pads can either be reusable and laundered to re-use many times, or disposable. They are also sometimes used (incorrectly) as a patient-transfer device.

Incontinence pads are manufactured in light and heavy grades which offer a range of absorbencies, often referred to as a 'working capacity' - the true absorbency an incontinence pad offers when in use.

These sorts of pads can come as panty-liners, inserts, pads or even available as replacement underwear.

Some companies that manufacture incontinence pads are Minappi Night'N'Day Incontinence Products,[2] Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Depend, Hartmann's, Stayfree, Tena and Libra.

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