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Incus Records is an artist-owned record label, founded by Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, Evan Parker and Michael Walters, specialising in the dissemination of free-improvised music. The first release on the label was The Topography of the Lungs, recorded by Bailey, Parker and Han Bennink in 1970. Walters and Oxley left the label shortly after its founding, after which it continued as a partnership between Bailey and Parker until a falling-out between the two men in the mid-1980s. Bailey continued the label with Karen Brookman until his death in 2005; its first CD release was CYRO, a duo recording of Derek Bailey & Cyro Baptista. In later years the label has also issued videos, and limited-edition CDRs intended largely for friends and faithful collectors. It relaunched with a new website and a full catalogue in early 2009.

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