Independence Centenary International Exposition

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commemorative Brazilian stamp, 1922 Independence Centenary International Exposition

The Independence Centenary International Exposition was a World Expo[1] held in Rio de Janeiro from September 7, 1922 to March 23, 1923,[2] to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Brazil's Independence.

A total of 14 countries from 3 continents participated in the exposition.

Over 3,000,000 people attended the event.[3]



Exposition Pavilions[edit]

  • Administration Pavilion;
  • Food Pavilion;
  • Statistics Pavilion;
  • Festivity Pavilion;
  • Agriculture and Roads Pavilion;
  • Small Industries Pavilion;
  • Large Industries Pavilion;
  • Hunting and Fishing Pavilion;
  • Antarctica Beer Pavilion;
  • Jewelry Pavilion;
  • Portugal's Honor Pavilion.

States Pavilion[edit]

The Brazilian States Pavilion was the biggest pavilion in the fair with 6,013 exhibitors from all Brazillian states.[4]