Independent Greeks

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Independent Greeks
Ανεξάρτητοι Έλληνες
Leader Panos Kammenos
Secretary-General Ioannis Moiras
Spokesperson Terens Kouik
Slogan We are Many
We are Independent
We are Greeks
Founded 24 February 2012 (2012-02-24)
Split from New Democracy[1]
Headquarters 196, Syngrou Ave.
176 71 Athens
Ideology Greek nationalism[2][3]
National conservatism[4]
Soft Euroscepticism[6]
Political position Right-wing[5][7]
European Parliament group European Conservatives and Reformists
Colours Blue, Red
12 / 300
European Parliament
1 / 21
Regions [8]
109 / 703
[citation needed]
Politics of Greece
Political parties

The Independent Greeks (Greek: Ανεξάρτητοι Έλληνες, Anexartitoi Ellines) are a Greek rightist anti-austerity[5] political party with representation in the Hellenic Parliament.


The party was created by Panos Kammenos, a former MP for the conservative New Democracy party on 24 February 2012.[9] Kammenos had been expelled from the New Democracy parliamentary group after voting against Lucas Papademos' coalition government in a vote of confidence. The founding declaration was presented on March 11.[10]

The party has been joined by ten former New Democracy deputies, namely Elena Koundoura, Christos Zois (el), Kostas Markopoulos (el), Dimitris Stamatis (el), Spyros Galinos, Mika Iatridi (el), Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha (el), Panagiotis Melas and Michalis Giannakis (el)[11]

The minor left-wing anti-bailout Panhellenic Citizen Chariot party also reached an election cooperation agreement with the Independent Greeks[12] on 17 April 2012.


Independent Greeks claim not to have any links with New Democracy. In terms of society, they stand in opposition to immigration [13][third-party source needed] and multiculturalism,[14][15][third-party source needed] supporting the banning of squats and the development of a Christian Orthodox oriented education system.[16][third-party source needed] Economically, the party is focused on the rejection of the loan agreement between Greece, the EU and the IMF.[9] Kammenos calls for a committee standing above political parties and endowed with emergency powers and authorities to clear up the events that led into Greece's economic crisis. He proclaimed a "national awakening and uprising", and supposed that Greece had fallen victim to an "international conspiracy".[10]

The party campaigns for lifting the immunity of ministers, parliamentarians, and officials against prosecution and to make accountable those who bear the blame for the crisis. It calls for the protection of national sovereignty, for German war reparations (for the invasion and occupation of Greece in the Second World War), for cancelling the memorandum which it deems illegal, and for building Greece anew.[10]

The party has announced that they will start working so as to create a patriotic Democratic Front, the aim of which would be to save "Greece from the neo-liberal avalanche."[17]


Before the election in May 2012, the party had 11 MPs, in the pre 2012 parliament – 10 defectors from New Democracy and one from PASOK.

The party gained 33 MPs in the parliamentary election in May. In the snap election in June of the same year, their number of representatives declined to 20.

Electoral results[edit]


Election year # of overall votes  % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Notes
2012 (May) 671,324 10.6 (#4)
33 / 300
2012 (Jun) 462,406 7.5 (#4)
20 / 300
Decrease 13

European Parliament[edit]

Election year # of overall votes  % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Notes
2014 197,701 3.5 (#7)
1 / 21
Steady 0


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