Independent Liberal Party (Nicaragua)

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Independent Liberal Party
President Eduardo Montealegre
Founded 1944
Headquarters Managua, Nicaragua
Ideology Liberalism (Nicargua)
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation Liberal International (observer)[1]
Colors Red, white and blue
Seats in the National Assembly
27 / 92
Party flag
Website[citation needed]
Politics of Nicaragua
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The Independent Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Independiente - PLI) is a Nicaraguan political party separated from Somoza's Nationalist Liberal Party (PLN) in 1944, and formed in 1947. PLI participated in 1984 election, winning 9.6% of vote for President with its candidate Virgilio Godoy. In 1990 it was part of the National Opposition Union -a broad alliance of Sandinista regime opponents- with Virgilio Godoy running as the vice-presidential candidate. As of 2006, PLI is part of Montealegre's Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance in the Nicaraguan general election, 2006. Of the 2011 presidential election, the party participated as part of an alliance that also included Movimiento vamos con Eduardo, Sandinista Renovation Movement, PAC, Partido Multiétnico por la Unidad Costeña, dissident Conservatives, Sociedad Civil and independents.[2] The candidate for presidency was the journalist and writer Fabio Gadea Mantilla. The election was eventually won by Daniel Ortega with Mantilla finishing second.

Given the reelection claims the old Somoza, who abuse power embracing asestaba coups, violated the Constitution and laws, desperate to be the "chosen style William Walker," the indispensable megalomaniac pegosteado with blood, designated believed, the only, the absolute, the irreplaceable, possessor of "that sick mentality.

A very special feature of this dictator was to put puppets, dolls docile, always remaining behind the throne, waiting for another opportunity to play, "suffering sacrifice, heart, body and soul for their people," although his favorite slogan was hateful and rude: repression of his opponents, who did not think like him. Offering and meeting the famous PPP: silver, wood and lead. What kind of leader was he?

It was like what happened in providential candle Liberal leader, Dr. Cordero Reyes, in April 1943, where, joining a group of notables, decided to join and disrupt the dictatorship. In 1944 founded the Independent Liberal Party (PLI), performing in Leon, the cradle of liberalism, March 9, 1946, a general assembly, settling the first directive:

Whereas Freedom, Democracy and Social Justice as fundamental and inalienable rights of all Nicaraguans, strongly supported the organization throughout the republic PLI by plesbicitarias consultations undeniable basis of Democracy, properly installed and secured throughout the country; all for the sake of the happiness of the poor and working people and the purpose of the revival of true liberalism, usurped by the dynastic founder, discarding the concept and action of it and they really do act as "reactionaries" for the indispensability to remain in power, to be called "deserving".

Interesting written by Enrique Alvarado on PLI and contribution to the historical memory. 1) I think there name error when mentioned among founders Horacio Espinoza, I think it should rather be Dr. Enrique Espinoza Sotomayor, 2) a copy of picture I have of PLI appear founders Dr. Enrique Lacayo Farfan mencionadodos, Alejandro Zuniga Castillo, Francisco Ibarra Mayorga'Bold text', Arturo Velazquez German, Raul Mayorga, Eduardo Lopez Narvaez, Zeledon Dagoberto Torres, Victor Manuel Godoy Baca, Luis Ortega Sanchez, Enrique Espinoza Sotomayor, Carlos A. Montalban, Aja Salvador Buitrago, Carlos Balladares Cortes, Luis Bonilla Satres and Macario Estrada 3) Given the historical circumstances that gave rise to a PLI in the history of Nicaragua, by his indomitable and unyielding attitude of not agreeing with anything who wielded arbitrary power and never given to assist in fraudulent elections, this letter had been more complete without taking into consideration the attitude and values of the founders of PLI analyzes the current PLI Starring participating in elections fraudulent knew in advance which never made the original PLI.[3]