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Independiente Records Logo.PNG
Founded 1997
Founder Andy MacDonald
Status Dormant
Vital PIAS (UK)
Genre Various
Country of origin EnglandEngland
Location London
Official website Official website

Independiente was a record label formed in 1997 after Andy MacDonald sold Go! Discs Records to PolyGram in 1996 for a reported £30 million. In the UK, the label is distributed Vital PIAS.

Most of the label's roster including Travis, David Ford, Gomez, Martina Topley Bird, Howling Bells have left the label in recent years, going on to release further records on other labels. In December 2013, it was confirmed that Embrace had signed to Cooking Vinyl, leaving Independiente with no artists on its roster.[1] The label ceased releasing music in 2009.

Label success[edit]

The label saw a considerable amount of success in the late 1990s and early 2000s with Travis's album The Man Who being cited as the 25th biggest selling album in the UK,[2] and their follow up The Invisible Band in 2001, along with Out of Nothing, Embrace's UK number one comeback album released in September, 2004. Embrace's follow-up album This New Day also debuted at number one, becoming the band's third number one album .

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