India–Morocco relations

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Morocco–India relations
Map indicating locations of India and Morocco



Morocco–India relations refers to the bilateral ties between Morocco and India. Morocco has an embassy in New Delhi. It also has an Honorary Consul based in Mumbai. India operates an embassy in Rabat. Both nations are part of the Non-Aligned Movement.[1]

In the United Nations, India supported the decolonisation of Morocco and the Moroccan freedom movement. India recognised Morocco on June 20, 1956 and established relations in 1957.[2] The Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India states that "India and Morocco have enjoyed cordial and friendly relations and over the years bilateral relations have witnessed significant depth and growth."[3]

Exchanges and Trade relations[edit]

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations promotes Indian culture in Morocco.[4] Morocco seeks to increase its trade ties with India and is seeking Indian investment in various sectors[5] The bilateral relations between India and Morocco strengthened after the Moroccan Ambassador to India spent nearly a week in Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir. This showed Moroccan solidarity with India in regard to Kashmir.[5]