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India - Tanzania relations
Map indicating locations of India and Tanzania



India–Tanzania relations refers to the current and historical relations between India and Tanzania. India has a high commission in Dar es Salaam,[1] Tanzania has an embassy in New Delhi, which is also accredited to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.[2] Diplomatic relations are described as close, friendly and cooperative.[3] 15,000 Indians visited Tanzania in 2007.[4] In May 2011, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calls for strengthen cooperation with Tanzania.[5] Trade between India and Tanzania amounted to 31 billion dollars in 2009–2010 and India is Tanzania's second-largest investor.[6]


From the 1960s to the 1980s, both countries had the same view on anti racism and anti colonialism. In November 1962, India opened a High commission in Dar es Salaam and consulate general in Zanzibar in October 1974.[3]


A friendship, technical, economic and scientific cooperation was signed in 1966. In 1975, a cultural agreement was signed.[7] In 2008, a memorandum of understanding on tourism was signed between India and Tanzania.[4]

Indian community in Tanzania[edit]

The first Indian diaspora came to Tanzania shortly after World War I, when the League of Nations designed Tanzania as a British protectorate.[6] 40.000 Indians live in Tanzania, predominantly in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma, Morogoro, Mwanza, Mbeya and Zanzibar.[7]

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