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India Index Services & Products Limited
Type Index Provider
Location Mumbai, India

India Index Services and Products Ltd (IISL), a joint venture between NSE and CRISIL Ltd., was set up in May 1998 to provide a variety of indices and index related services and products for the Indian capital markets. It has a licensing and marketing agreement with Standard and Poor's (S&P), the world's leading provider of investible equity indices, for co-branding equity indices.[1] It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. India Index Services & Products Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of NSE Strategic Investment Corporation Limited. The company maintains over 80 equity indices comprising broad-based benchmark indices, sectoral indices and customized indices.[2]

Many investment and risk management products based on IISL indices have been developed in the recent past, within India and abroad. These include index based derivatives traded on NSE, Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and a number of index funds and exchange traded funds.

IISL has been formed with the objective of providing a variety of indices and index related services and products for the capital markets.[3]

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