India national women's squash team

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Flag of India.svg
Coach Gautam Das
Association Squash Rackets Federation of India
Colors Green or Blue
World Team Squash Championships
First year 2002
World Team titles 0
Runners-up 0
Best finish 5th
Number of entries 4

The India national women's squash team represents India in international squash team competitions, and is governed by the Squash Rackets Federation of India.

Since 2002, India has participated in one quarter final of the World Squash Team Open.

Current team[edit]


World Team Squash Championships[edit]

Year Result Position W L
England Birmingham 1979 Did not present
Canada Toronto 1981
Australia Perth 1983
Republic of Ireland Dublin 1985
New Zealand Auckland 1987
Netherlands Warmond 1989
Australia Sydney 1990
Canada Vancouver 1992
England Guernsey 1994
Malaysia Petaling Jaya 1996
Germany Stuttgart 1998
England Sheffield 2000
Denmark Odense 2002 Group Stage 18th 1 5
Netherlands Amsterdam 2004 Did not present
Canada Edmonton 2006
Egypt Cairo 2008
New Zealand Palmerston North 2010 Group Stage 11th 3 3
France Nîmes 2012 Quarter Final 5th 5 1
Canada Niagara-on-the-Lake 2014 Group Stage 14th 2 6
Total 4/19 0 Title 11 15

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