India women's football championship

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India women's football championship
Country India India
Founded 1991
Divisions 8
Number of teams 24
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to None
Most championships Manipur (17 titles)

India Women's Football Championship is the top level professional women's football league in India. It began play in 1991. The league consists of 25 teams for the 2011 season.

It is organized by the All India Football Federation and it has been contested since the 1991-92 season and crowns the national football champion each year. It is based on a league and knockout format.


Each state of India is allowed to enter one team into the competition. The season then consists of

  1. Preliminary qualifying league
  2. Quarter final league
  3. Semi-finals
  4. Final

When the number of teams is known, those are divided into eight groups with equal number of teams. The preliminary qualifying league will the be played on a single leg league basis. The eight winners move on to the two quarter final leagues. That is played as a single leg league, with the best two teams of each group qualifying for the semi finals stage. From there on it is a knock out format with single leg matches. Tie breakers in the league stages are[1]

  1. Superior number of points in all matches
  2. Superior number of points in matches of tied teams
  3. Superior goal difference
  4. Superior number of goal scored
  5. Drawing of lots

List of champions[edit]

List of champions:[2][3]

  • 1991-92: Bengal
  • 1992-93: Manipur
  • 1993-94: not held
  • 1994-95: Bengal
  • 1995-96: Manipur
  • 1996-97: Manipur
  • 1997-98: Manipur
  • 1999: Manipur
  • 2000: Manipur
  • 2001: Manipur
  • 2002: Manipur
  • 2003: Manipur
  • 2004: Manipur
  • 2005: Manipur
  • 2006: Manipur
  • 2007: Manipur
  • 2008: Manipur
  • 2009: Manipur
  • 2010: Manipur
  • 2011: Orissa
  • 2012: "not held"
  • 2013: "not held"
  • 2014: Manipur


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