Indian Army Armoured Corps

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Indian Army Armoured Corps

Emblem of India.svg

Symbol of India
Active 1979 - Present
Country India India
Branch Indian Army
Role Armoured Combat
Size 64 Armoured regiments
This article is on the post-independence corps. For the pre-1947 corps, see Indian Armoured Corps.

The Indian Army Armoured Corps is one of the combat arms of the Indian Army. Formed in 1947 from two-thirds of the personnel and assets of the Raj's Indian Armoured Corps. It currently consists of 63 armoured regiments, including the president's bodyguards. The naming of the regiments varies. The terms "Cavalry", "Horse" and "Lancers", which have been dispensed with in the case of units raised post-independence, are historical legacies from the raising and renaming of these units when part of the East India Company's army and/or later the British Indian Army. The Armoured Corps School and Centre is at Ahmednagar. As a matter of tradition, each Armoured Regiment has its own "Colonel of the Regiment", an honorary post for a senior officer who oversees the regimental issues concerning the unit.

List of regiments[edit]

The list of regiments forming part of the Armoured Corps of the Indian Army is as follows :[1]


  1. ^ This list is as per unit serial number but not as per the order of precedence of the Indian Army. In that list The President's Bodyguard is first but is followed by 16 Light Cavalry, 7 Light Cavalry, 8 Cavalry and 1st Horse.
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