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Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Limited
Type Cooperative
Industry Fertilizer, Agri-Products, Agricultural Development
Founded 3 November 1967 (1967-11-03)
Headquarters IFFCO Sadan C-1, District Centre, Saket Place, New Delhi-110017, India
Area served India
Key people Balvinder Singh Nakai, Chairman
Dr. Udai Shanker Awasthi, MD&CEO
Products Fertilizers
Revenue INR211.9 billion (US$3.6 billion) (2010–11)[1]
Net income INR7.914 billion (US$130 million) (2010–11)
Employees 8000

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, also known as IFFCO, is the world's largest fertiliser cooperative federation based in India which is registered as a Multistate Cooperative Society. IFFCO has 40,000 member cooperatives.[2] IFFCO has been ranked#37 in top companies in India in 2011 by Fortune India 500 list.[3]


On 3 November 1967 Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) was registered as a Multi-unit Co-operative Society. It got deemed recognisation under the provisions of Multistate Cooperative Societies Act 1984 & 2002 later.


IFFCO Phulpur Unit −1 Entrance. Its one of the 5 Factories owned by IFFCO. Established in 1980

IFFCO commissioned an ammonia - urea complex at Kalol and the NPK/DAP plant at Kandla both in the state of Gujarat in 1975. Another ammonia - urea complex was set up at Phulpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in 1981. The ammonia - urea unit at Aonla was commissioned in 1988.

In 1993, IFFCO had drawn up a major expansion programme of all the four plants under overall aegis of IFFCO VISION 2000. The expansion projects at Aonla, Kalol, Phulpur and Kandla were completed on schedule. All the projects conceived as part of VISION 2000 had been realised without time or cost overruns. All the production units of IFFCO have established a reputation for excellence and quality. Another growth path was chalked out to realise newer dreams and greater heights through Vision 2010. As part of this vision, IFFCO has acquired fertiliser unit at Paradeep in Orissa in September 2005. As a result of these expansion projects and acuisition, IFFCO's annual capacity has been increased to 3.69 million tonnes of Urea and NPK/DAP equivalent to 1.71 million tonnes. In pursuit of its growth and development, IFFCO had embarked upon and successfully implemented its Corporate Plans, ‘Mission 2005’ and ‘Vision 2010’. These plans have resulted in IFFCO becoming one of the largest producer and marketeer of Chemical fertilisers by expansion of its existing Units, setting up Joint Venture Companies Overseas and Diversification into new Sectors.

IFFCO has now visualized a comprehensive plan titled ‘Vision-2015’ which is presently under implementation.

IFFCO has made strategic investments in several joint ventures. Indian Potash Ltd (IPL) in India, Industries Chimiques du Senegal (ICS) in Senegal, Oman India Fertiliser Company (OMIFCO) in Oman and Jordan India Fertiliser Company (JIFCO) are important fertiliser joint ventures. As part of strategic diversification, IFFCO has entered into several key sectors. IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Ltd (ITGI) is a foray into general insurance sector. Through ITGI, IFFCO has formulated new services of benefit to farmers. 'Sankat Haran Bima Yojana' provides free insurance cover to farmers along with each bag of IFFCO fertiliser purchased. To take the benefits of emerging concepts like agricultural commodity trading, IFFCO has taken equity in National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) and National Collateral Management Services Ltd (NCMSL). IFFCO Chattisgarh Power Ltd (ICPL) which is under implementation is yet another foray to move into core area of power. IFFCO is also behind several other companies with the sole intention of benefitting farmers.

IFFCO received permission from the provincial government of Quebec to set up a $ 1.6 billion urea plant. A decision in this regard was taken on March 26,2014 by the cabinet of the Canadian province and was notified on the official gazette of Quebec.The proposed facility will have a production capacity of up to 1.6 million tonnes of urea and 7,60,000 tonnes of diesel diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).The estimated project cost of $ 1.6 billion is based on the most recent feasibility study. La Coop fr an agri-food organisation in Quebec that is one of the project shareholders, has agreed to purchase some 5,00,000 tonnes of urea a year for distribution across the province, Canada and several US states.

The distribution of IFFCO's fertiliser is undertaken through over 39824 Co-operative Societies. The entire activities of Distribution, Sales and Promotion are co-ordinated by Marketing Central Office (MKCO) at New Delhi assisted by the Marketing offices in the field. In addition, essential agro-inputs for crop production are made available to the farmers through a chain of 158 Farmers Service Centre (FSC). IFFCO has promoted several institutions and organisations to work for the welfare of farmers, strengthening cooperative movement, improve Indian agriculture. Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative Ltd (IFFDC), Cooperative Rural Development Trust (CORDET), IFFCO Foundation, Kisan Sewa Trust belong to this category. An ambitious project 'ICT Initiatives for Farmers and Cooperatives' is launched to promote e-culture in rural India. IFFCO obsessively nurtures its relations with farmers and undertakes a large number of agricultural extension activities for their benefit every year.

Production and sales[edit]

During the year 2008–09 IFFCO produced 7,168,000 tonnes of fertiliser material; registering overall capacity utilisation of 98 percent for nitrogenous and 53 per cent for phosphate fertiliser. It contributes 21.4% of country's total nitrogenous fertiliser production and 27% of total phosphate fertiliser production in the same period. Plant productivity during the year stood at 1373 tonnes/person. The Society has also achieved another important landmark in the field of energy conservation by clocking overall annual energy of 5.943 Gcal/tonne of urea. The Society has cloaked an all-time high sales of 11,258,000 tonnes of fertilizer during 2008–09

Financial performance[edit]

The society has recorded an all-time high turnover of Rs.329.33 billion.

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