Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers

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Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChe) is the professional body of chemical engineers in India. It is headquartered at Kolkatta. The organization has 33 Regional Centers spread throughout the India.[1] The institution is a collection of academia, professionals from chemical industry and research and students. IIChE has been formed for the purpose of development of chemical engineering in India.

This includes the following opportunities:

  1. Continuous Education
  2. Professional Excellence
  3. Innovation and Development of New Technologies

IIChE hosts two annual events:

  1. Chemcon: This is the most important event
  2. Schemcon: This is an event for the students of Chemical Engineering

IIChE also supports students of Chemical Engineering by means of scholarships and other events.

IIChE has partnered with AIChE and IChemE globally.