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The Indian Institute of Public Administration
Established 1954
Type Public
Chairman T. N. Chaturvedi
President Mohammad Hamid Ansari
Location New Delhi, ND, IN

The Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) is a premier public policy school for public administration studies and one of the major social science resources in India.



IIPA was inaugurated on 29 March 1954 by 1st Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. The IIPA is an autonomous body under the Registration of Societies Act. Its establishment was an outcome of a survey of public administration in the country carried out in 1953 by Paul Henson Appleby,[1] the renowned Professor of Public Administration and consultant to Ford Foundation.[2][3][4]

The purpose of establishing this Institute was to undertake such academic activities as would enhance the managerial capabilities and leadership qualities of the executives in the government and other public service organization.

Research and Publication[edit]

IIPA has published over 400 books, monographs and reports. The Indian Journal of Public Administration published since 1955 is an internationally known journal. Other important periodicals of IIPA include Nagarlok; Documentation in Public Administration; Lok Prashashan (Hindi); IIPA Newsletter; and e-journal on consumer dialogue.



Centers and Institutes[edit]

  • Center for Economic Analysis and Financial Management.
  • Center for Human Resource Development and Behavioral Studies.
  • Center for Management Studies and Public Enterprises.
  • Center for Public Policy, Planning and Development Studies.
  • Center for Rural Development Administration and Panchayati Raj.
  • Center for Social Welfare Administration and Administration of Justice.
  • Center for Urban Studies.
  • Center for Consumer Studies.
  • Center for Climate Change, Environment and Drought Environment.
  • Center for Ethics in Governance.
  • Centre for Learning in ICT & e-Governance.


  • to undertake, organize and facilitate study courses, lectures and conferences and research in matters relating to the machinery of government and public administration.
  • to provide and promote for the study of economic and political science and public administration with special reference to the machinery of government and public administration and for educational purposes incidental thereto.
  • to manage information services to facilitate the study of spreading information and public administration in regard thereto, and
  • to undertake and provide for the publication of research papers and of journals and books.


Activities Schedule by the Institute are organized in four inter-related areas of Research, Advisory, Consultancy Services and Training and Dissemination of Information. While the Institute undertakes research studies on substantive issues at its own initiative, it conducts, research in specific areas of practical importance, which are normally sponsored by the Government and national/ international organizations. Institute also offers consultancy services in operational areas to the Public Sector Undertakings and Government. Institute conducts a good number of short-duration and long training programmes. Besides two organs Indian Journal of Public Administration and Nagarlok, the Institute also publishes monthly Newsletter and a bibliographic journal Documentation in Public Administration .

Indian Journal of Public Administration is now AVAILABLE FREE ONLINE from Homepage of Institute or the URL:

Besides the Publications wing of the Institute has published over 250 books over the last fifty years. About 60 of these publications are available presently. Recently it has started another half yearly journal in Hindi named 'Lok Prashasan', Prof S.N. Mishra is Editor of Hindi journal, Dr. S.L, Goel is Editor of IJPA, Mr. Sunil Dutt is Assistant Editor.

APPPA Program[edit]

The Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA) is a nine-month education cum training programme organized every year by the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions of the Government of India.

The aim of the programme is to prepare the participants to make a greater contribution towards better governance which is service first to the people, particularly, the downtrodden and the deprived, and to inculcate and strengthen leadership qualities in civil service. The programme is designed keeping in view the training needs of middle and senior level civil service officers of All-India and Central Services, and State Governments.

The APPPA is a postgraduate programme. It provides the participants with basic knowledge of social sciences, equips them with management skills and techniques, generates an awareness of the social, political and economic environment of administration; promotes learning through field studies and group efforts, encourages specialized study in electives areas chosen by the participants.

More than 765 officers, including those from the armed forces, administrators of other developing countries and teachers of Indian Universities have participated in the programme.

IIPA Library[edit]

The Indian Institute of Public Administration is one of the major social science resources in India. It is a depository library for the publications of the World Bank and has been accorded depository library status for the publications of the International Monetary Fund. The World Bank has recently set up a state-of-the-art Information Kiosk in the Library to facilitate on-line access to the knowledge edge[clarification needed] portals of the Bank and its associate institutions. It has a collection of about 200,000 volumes of books and periodicals and receives 350 current periodicals for the study of public administration and economic and political science with special reference to public administration and the machinery of government and for educational purposes incidental thereto. It is therefore one of the largest Libraries on Social Sciences in Asia and the largest in India.


Open Access e-Resources[edit]

Notable people and alumni[edit]

The alumni of the Indian Institute of Public Administration occupy important positions in the Government of India and in the Indian Armed Forces.


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