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Indian Mound Cottage was owned by oil executive William Rockefeller. It was built in 1892, stands three stories high, and has a total of 25 rooms. There are 9 bedrooms 9 bathrooms, and 7 servant rooms. Indian Mound has many distinguishing features such as an elevator, a cedar lined walk-in safe, taps for hot and cold salt water on the bathtub in the master bedroom bath, and a mound in the front yard which is how the cottage got its nickname "Indian Mound".


The mound found on the front lawn was said to be an Indian burial ground for the Guale Indians, who were the earliest inhabitants of the island. Come to find out, the mound was nothing more than just shells left by the Indians.


Today Indian Mound remains standing, and in 1947 was declared a museum on Jekyll Island. The cottage has been closed for the past year[when?] due to remodeling. The one feature that still remains is the "Wishing Chair" placed in the hallway above the parlor. This is a Chinese Carved Chair purchased by Rockefeller, and was said to grant wishes. The museum will re-open on May 10, 2009.[dated info]

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