Indian National Lok Dal

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Indian National Lok Dal
Chairperson Om Prakash Chautala
Secretary-General Ajay Singh Chautala
Founded 1987
Headquarters 18, Janpath, New Delhi-110011
ECI Status State Party[1]
Seats in Lok Sabha
2 / 543
Seats in Legislative Assembly
31 / 90
Election symbol
INLD party symbol
Politics of India
Political parties

Indian National Lok Dal (INLD), a political party in India, in the state of Haryana is the principal opposition party in Haryana. INLD was founded by Choudhary Devi Lal, who served as Deputy Prime Minister of India in V.P. Singh Cabinet and Chief Minister of Haryana in two small stints. His son Om Prakash Chautala is the current president & Chautala's elder son Ajay Singh Chautala is the current Secretary General. The party was a member of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), and thus part of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government (1998-2004) at the Federal level. Om Parkash Chautala is currently the Leader of Opposition in Haryana, since 2005. In Rajasthan, Choudhary Jai Narayan Poonia (ex-cabinet minister) was the Chairman of the INLD party from 2003 to 2008.

Since the demise of Devi Lal in April 2001, INLD had faced political decline, and its leaders have been marred by corruption scandals. Both the president Om Prakash Chautala and his son and Secretary General Ajay Singh Chautala in 2013 were convicted by a Delhi court of fraud and bribery during their stint in the state Government in Haryana (2000-2005), and as of May 2014, are in prison. INLD has lost all the four consecutive general elections held since 2000.[2] It lost two assembly elections for Haryana in 2005 & 2009. It failed to win any seats in Lok Sabha in 2004 and 2009 general elections, despite being in alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party in 2009, and it was able to secure only 10.64 per cent votes(2009).[3] In 2004, the party contested on 20 Lok Sabha seats in Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh, but 14 of those lost their deposits. Its 10 candidates in Haryana secured 22.43 per cent votes, 5 candidates secured 0.52 per cent votes in Rajasthan, 4 candidates secured 0.02 per cent votes in Uttar Pradesh and its lone candidate UT secured 6.61 per cent votes in Chandigarh.[4]

In the Lok Sabha elections 1999, INLD had an electoral alliance with BJP in Haryana. Each party contested five of the ten seats in the state. All ten were elected. In 2000 Chautala was elected as the Chief Minister of Haryana for the fifth time. In the 2000 state assembly elections, INLD won 47 out of the 90 seats (the party had 62 candidates in total). Later INLD broke its alliance with the BJP, and left NDA and the government.

However, in the 2005 Haryana state assembly elections, INLD lost its majority, winning just 9 out of the 90 seats compared to the Congress party's 67 seats. 17 of its candidates lost deposits, but despite this, INLD managed to secure 26.77 per cent votes in this election.[5] In 2009, the INLD led alliance sprung up a surprise by winning 32 seats (INLD won 31 & its ally SAD won a seat), but its vote share got reduced to 26.5 per cent and 24 INLD candidates lost their deposit.[6] Despite all defeat, INLD is considered a leading political party.

However, the party has gained some ground recently. After losing all the seats it contested in 2009 Lok Sabha elections, it surprisingly won 30 seats in 2009 Haryana Legislative Assembly elections held months later. This reduced the ruling Congress government to a minority (Congress was expected to gain a comfortable majority). Also, in 2014 General Elections to the Lok Sabha, where they won 2 seats (They had not had any members previous two Lok Sabhas). However, an even stronger resurgence of Bharatiya Janata Party (which fought in alliance with Kuldeep Bishnoi-led Haryana Janahit Congress (HJC)) has eclipsed this.

INLD News[edit]

On August 10, 2013 INLD leader Abhay Chautala said that his party would not forge an alliance with the BJP for forthcoming general elections, even if Kuldeep Bishnoi-led Haryana Janhit Congress merged with the BJP party. However, he did state that the INLD would support Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi "unconditionally" for the Prime Minister post, if required and would make all the effort to overthrow Congress and hence, would welcome any political party who'd wish to join its campaign.

The INLD state president Ashok Arora stated that Haryana Janhit Congress had no base in Haryana and its leader Kuldeep Bishnoi would not win the Hisar parliamentary seat in the coming Lok Sabha elections.


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