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Indian soap operas are extremely popular in Pakistan and Indian entertainment channels such as Zee TV, Star Plus, Colors and Sony Television are widely watched, due to the mutual intelligibility between Urdu and Hindi.[1][2] The Supreme Court of Pakistan has banned the showing of Indian films (Bollywood) and Indian soap operas.[3] The British Broadcasting Corporation has reported that cable television operators in Pakistan often violate the ban and air Indian television serials due the high popularity and demand for these in Pakistan, and Indian television shows make up nearly 60 percent of all foreign programmes broadcast in Pakistan.[4]

In June 2006, Pakistani comedian Rauf Lala participated and won in the popular comedy television show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge but could not be followed by fellow Pakistanis as the show is not allowed to be aired in Pakistan.[5] Some Indian television programmes have been permitted by the government as well[6] An official has commented that "Bollywood [and Indian television soaps] have invaded our homes".[7]

Impact on Pakistani society[edit]

Indian television shows have contributed heavily to the Sanskritisation of Urdu in Pakistan, and it has been reported that many Hindi words such as namaste (नमस्ते), maharani (महारानी) and chinta (चिंता), which have been an inherent part of sanskritized Hindi, have entered standard usage in Pakisan due to the influence of these soaps and Bollywood movies.[8]

The viewing of Indian soaps has become so popular that mainstream newspapers such as the Pakistan Tribune often have feature articles on the shows.[9] Since satellite connections offer uninterrupted coverage of Indian shows, many people have bought these to watch the programmes.[10]

Top 10[edit]

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Soap Operas of all time in Pakistan are:

Most Watched TV Soaps of Popular Times[edit]

From 2007 till 2013 (After finishing of Ban) Indian Content including Star Plus, Star One, Sony TV and Colors (TV Channel) were really famous for their TV series amongst them the best and most watched TV Series are as followed:




Top 5 of current year are as followed

Change in attitude toward Indians[edit]

Anti-Indian sentiment is reported in Pakistan and the two countries have fought four wars. However, the impact of Indian soap operas and Bollywood have resulted in an increase in how "favourably an ordinary Pakistani views [India and] Indians."[11] Certain Indian tourists to Pakistan have said that people are particularly friendly if one is from India.[12]


Till 2010 Indian TV Channels were available in many areas, after it was announced that Indian channels should completely ban the cable operators were still showing the content due to immense popularity. Till 2012 it was fully announced that the content immediately be stopped, when this situation took place it had a bad effect on the audience because of which famous Pakistani Channels(Urdu 1, Geo TV, Geo Kahani, Express Entertainment, A-Plus and ARY Zindagi) started airing Indian Soaps these Channels are Airing Indian Soaps of Popular Channels.

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