Indianapolis City Market

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Indianapolis City Market
City Market in Indianapolis.jpg
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Coordinates 39°46′7″N 86°9′12″W / 39.76861°N 86.15333°W / 39.76861; -86.15333Coordinates: 39°46′7″N 86°9′12″W / 39.76861°N 86.15333°W / 39.76861; -86.15333
Founded 1821
Built 1886
Architect D.A. Bohlen & Son

The Indianapolis City Market was founded in 1821 and in 1886 was officially opened in its current facility.[1] The city market is also on the National Register of Historic Places.[2] The Indianapolis City Market also played host for some events for the Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis.


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