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The Indianapolis mayoral election of 2007 took place on November 6, 2007. Voters elected the Mayor of Indianapolis, members of the Indianapolis City-County Council, as well as several other local officials. Incumbent Democrat Bart Peterson was seeking a third term. Republicans nominated former Marine Greg Ballard to run against Peterson. In what was called, "the biggest upset in Indiana political history", Ballard defeated Peterson 51% to 47%.[1]

The Indianapolis City-County elections took place alongside the mayoral election.[2]


  • Democrat Bart Peterson, incumbent Mayor, ran for a third term.
  • Republican Greg Ballard
  • Libertarian Fred Peterson


Peterson was vastly considered a lock to win the election by political experts.[3] The incumbent Peterson had nearly 30 times as much campaign money as the challenger. Peterson, who started with considerable fundraising advantages, raised nearly $1.5 million since April and had $1.5 million left in late October.[4] In contrast, Ballard raised nearly $225,000 since April and had just over $51,000 left in his campaign fund in late October. Peterson spent nearly $1.5 million on TV and radio ads and $113,000 on polling and research. Two weeks before election day, Ballard had still not put up any TV ads.[3]


The two major issues in the mayoral campaign were crime and taxes.[5] Residents felt property taxes were most important due to the spike in the tax. Rising crime was another major issue in the election.[6]

Election results[edit]

Voting by party by neighborhood. The darkest blue shade represents more than 60% of votes were for Peterson, the lighter blue shade represents more than 50% for Peterson. The darkest red shade represents more than 60% of votes were for Ballard, the lighter red shade represents more than 50% for Ballard.
Indianapolis mayoral election, 2007[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Greg Ballard 83,238 50.4%
Democratic Bart Peterson (incumbent) 77,926 47.2%
Libertarian Fred Peterson 3,787 2.3%
No party Write-Ins 51 0.1%
Turnout 165,002 26%
Majority 5,312
Republican gain from Democratic Swing

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