Indians in Belgium

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Indians in Belgium
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Antwerp · Ghent · Brussels · Liege
English and other languages of India
Hinduism · Jainism · Sikhism
Related ethnic groups
Non-resident Indian and Person of Indian Origin

There are about 7,000 people of Indian origin residing in Belgium.

Indians are employed mainly in the software and diamond industries as well as other local industries in major cities. For example the Gujaratis from Palanpur district in Gujarat, and also Marwaris from Rajhastan, India initially arrived in Antwerp to work in the diamond industry.

Software companies like HCL, TCS and Infosys also have a presence in Belgium and employ many people of Indian origin.

About 80% of the Indians living in Belgium are Hindus. These people mainly reside in the areas of Hasselt, Brussels, Gent and Antwerp.


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