Indians in Israel

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Indians in Israel
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Hebrew, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi
Related ethnic groups
Dravidian peoples, Indo-Aryan peoples

Indians in Israel almost exclusively consist of Indian Jews who migrated there on formation of the modern state of Israel. There are now an estimated 85,000 Indians who live in Israel. They are primarily Cochin Jews and Paradesi Jews of Kerala and Bene Israel of Maharashtra.

Persons from Kuki, Mizo and Chin tribes in India's northeastern states of Manipur and Mizoram have been accepted as Bnei Menashe Jews in Israel in the last decade. Several thousand of them have migrated to Israel and settled there.

The Indians in Israel have formed several associations, namely Indo-Israel Cultural Association, the Central Organisation on Indian Jews and the Centre of Jewish Heritage.

Besides the Indian Jews, a small NRI population consisting mainly of Gujarat diamond businessmen, professionals and students exists in Israel.

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