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Indians in Lebanon
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There is a community of Indians in Lebanon consisting labors, engineers mainly working in Industrial sector of Lebanon and some have opened their own businesses.There are about 12,000 Indians in Lebanon.[1] The Indian migrants work in various sectors of Lebanese economy such as construction, manufacturing and the service sector.[2] Many Indians are found graduates. Irrespective of their educational level, the bulk of migrants were engaged in unskilled, semi-skilled and menial jobs .Those who are illegal migrants have been smuggled into the country through human trafficking networks along with other South Asians, and are forced into menial job and living conditions.[3]

In 2006, the Indian population in Lebanon declined due to the Israel-Hezbollah War. About a total of 1,384 Indians left the country along with other migrant workers from Sri Lanka and Nepal. The evacuees were first brought by Indian naval ships from the Lebanese capital of Beirut to Larnaca in Cyprus and then flown to India, under an Indian military-coordinated exercise dubbed as "Operation Sukoon."

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