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Indians in Sweden
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Total population
Regions with significant populations
Stockholm · Lund · Malmö · Göteborg · Karlskrona · Västerås
Swedish · English · languages of India
Hinduism · Sikhism · Catholicism · Lutheranism · Jainism · Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
People of Indian Origin

In the entire population of around 9 million in Sweden, People of Indian Origin approximately add up to 11,000+ or 0.012%. Most of them are Punjabis,Gujaratis & South Indians.[1]


Some Indian students who went to Sweden in the 1950s settled down there. Another stream of Indians came from Uganda in the 1970s. Some Indians sought and obtained political asylum after 1984.

During the period of 2001 to 2010, of the total of 23000+ South Asian students coming for higher studies in Sweden taking advantage of the tuition-free high-quality education system, 33% were Indians as per study [1]. A percentage of this number have managed to settle in the country after finishing their education mostly finding highly skilled jobs at the universities, Bio medical companies, Research divisions, telecommunications (Ericsson AB, Sony Ericsson & ST-Ericsson) etc.


The Indian community is culturally very active. Different associations hold cultural functions and observe national days.[2]

Notable people[edit]


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