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Genre Indiepop
Dates July
Location(s) Midland Railway in Butterley, Derbyshire, England
Years active 2007- present
Founded by Stuart Mackay

Indietracks is an annual indie pop music festival at the Midland Railway in Butterley, Derbyshire. The main site is located at Swanwick Junction. Bands play in variety of locations, including a restored church, in a train shed, and on the moving trains themselves.[1] The event is staffed by volunteers, with the proceeds from the festival going towards the upkeep and renovation of the site and trains.[1]

The first indiepop event held at the centre was in April 2007, organised by steam train restorer Stuart Mackay. Indietracks was established as a two-day festival in summer that year.[2]

Reviewing 2011's festival, Malcolm Jack of The Guardian described the artists as "so obscure you have to wonder if they've even heard of themselves". He writes, "Indietracks does little to dispel the notion of indie-pop fans being given to whimsy. It's the annual gathering of the twee tribe – think lovers of a broad church of outsider sounds from C86-inspired three-chord shambling to riot grrrl and anti-folk."[3]

The festival inspires compilation albums, released annually.


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