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Indigo Internet was established in 1995 as an Internet service provider in Dublin, Ireland. Originally founded by Macky Moyna, Indigo was at one point one of the most popular ISPs in Ireland with over 16,000 subscribers.[1]

However, after allegations of ties with the Irish Republican Army and questions regarding investment into Indigo, the company was sold to a consortium of investors headed by Shay Moran with support from Davy Stockbrokers. It was subsequently sold to Telecom Éireann, the national telephone company.

Questions into the original start up by Donal Moyna were highlighted by incidents such as the news that a man who Federal officials say was a member of the Irish Republican Army was being held on charges of carrying $13,500 in counterfeit $50 bills at La Guardia Airport, when arrested. The suspect, Donal Patrick Moyna, then 29 years old, of Dublin, was about to board a plane for Providence, R.I., when he was stopped by agents of the U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said Andrew J. Maloney, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. [2]

In 1998, the national telephone company (Telecom Éireann) saw the need to enter the ISP market and made an offer for Indigo which was accepted by the consortium of investors, including Shay Moran.[3][4]

[5] Indigo effectiovely no longer exists as all of its activities have been subsumed into Eircom (Formerly, Telecom Éireann). It is now impossible to sign up for a new account and the Indigo website now simply points to Eircom services.

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