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Indigo Listen was an electronic band based in Bristol in the 1980s.[1]

Originally (1983) the band had only two members, Ally Patterson-Fox vocals and Neil Bailey guitars and synthesizers. In the duo days the band was simply known as 'Listen' and they performed live with the aid of backing tapes in local venues. In 1984 Steve Thomas was brought in as keyboard player. Thomas was very different from the existing members and considered slightly wild[citation needed]. Thomas's songwriting skills changed the direction of the music towards dance music. The live performances consisted of: Thomas playing synthesizers, drum programming and bass; Bailey on guitar; and Patterson-Fox vocals. By 1985 the band were pulling in large audiences at all the best local venues[citation needed].

At this point the band decided to use a live drummer - John Furlong. Furlong proved that he could outperform the best digital drum technology and the high energy music remained[citation needed]. The band released their first single 'Whatever' in 1985 which was featured on the Radio 1 John Peel show.

Late 1985 and 1986 the band change the name to Indigo Listen and they started headlining at the major gigs. Unlikely gigs happened (such as support band for King Kurt on the Cocking All Over the World tour) and venues such as Ashton Court Festival and Glastonbury Festival. Johnnie Walker introduced Indigo Listen live on stage at The Thekla in July 1986 as 'an amazing and original bunch of musicians'[citation needed]. However, at this time band members were to keen to explore other styles and amicably went their own ways.