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Inditva was a concept introduced by K R Narayanan, former President of India, as an opposed concept to Hindutva. Speaking to the press on Aug 13, 2002, he said something like Post–Godhra Gujarat riots and the related communal issues had troubled him the most because it had larger implications. ``It affects the future of the nation, the unity of the nation and I was most affected by events like that, he said ``As a President, I have often felt helpless, when so many delegations come to me and tell their woes and I can't do anything about it. Gujarat was a major example of helplessness, he said.[1]

Supporting / Quoting the term Inditva[edit]

K. Samu, Senior Technical Officer,[2] of the Human Rights Documentation, Indian Social Institute, Lodi Road, New Delhi who compiled the document Minorities 2002, prominently quotes K R Narayanan’s quote in order to highlight the need for harmony in India.[3]


Although political and academic circles have largely been silent on the use of the term “Inditva”, proponents of Hindutva have criticized and ridiculed the term on the social networking sites and blogs. One such activist, Vinod Sharma, wrote a post entitled “Modi's 'Inditva' Saves India from Real Communalism” in which he writes “Modi, it can be said with some relief and pride, has saved India from the poison of real communalism that is being spread in the guise of secularism by those who either have no roots or do not want to acknowledge them, only for a few votes more.” [4]