Indonesia Super League U-21

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Indonesia Super League U-21
Country  Indonesia
Confederation AFC (Asia)
Founded 2008
Number of teams 22
Level on pyramid 1
Current champions Semen Padang U-21
Most championships Persela U-21 (2)
Website Official website
2014 Indonesia Super League U-21

Indonesia Super League U-21 is a junior level league involving U-21 team (reserve team) of participating clubs in the Indonesia Super League. Building and managing a complete U-21 team is one of the requirements for clubs participating in the ISL, as regulated by the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI).

Competition format[edit]

Different with the main ISL league, in this junior competition, the 18 participating clubs are divided into 3 groups considering geographical locations. Winners from each groups and the best runner up go through the knock-out phase (semifinal and final), which is held once each.

Beginning with the 2012 season, PT. Liga Indonesia invited the Premier Division under-21 team to include them in the Indonesia Super League U-21.


Season Winner Runner up Third rank
2008–09 Pelita Jaya U-21 Persita U-21 Persib Bandung U-21
2009–10 Persib Bandung U-21 Pelita Jaya U-21 Persipura Jayapura U-21
2011 Persela U-21 Semen Padang U-21[1] Persiwa Wamena U-21
2012 Persela U-21 Persisam U-21 Pelita Jaya U-21
2012–13 Sriwijaya FC U-21 Mitra Kukar FC U-21 Persipura Jayapura U-21
2014 Semen Padang U-21 Sriwijaya FC U-21 Persipura Jayapura U-21


Season Best player Top scorer Fair play
2008–09 Dedi Kusnandar (Pelita Jaya U-21) Aditya Putra Dewa (PSM Makassar U-21) Persik Kediri U-21
2009–10 Munadi (Persib Bandung U-21) Lukas Mandowen (Persipura U-21) Pelita Jaya U-21
2011 Fandi Eko Utomo (Persela U-21) Aldeir Makatindu (Persisam U-21) Persisam Putra Samarinda U-21
2012 Lerby Eliandry (Persisam U-21) Aldeir Makatindu (Persisam U-21) Persisam Putra Samarinda U-21
2012–13 Rizsky Dwi Ramadhana (Sriwijaya FC U-21) Rizsky Dwi Ramadhana (Sriwijaya FC U-21) Sriwijaya FC U-21
2014 Nerius Alom (Semen Padang U-21)[2] Aldi Al Achya (Persita U-21)[2] Pelita Bandung Raya U-21[2]


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