Indonesia in the ABU TV Song Festival

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Member station Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI)
Appearances 2
First appearance 2012
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Indonesia have participated in the ABU TV Song Festival twice. The Indonesian broadcaster, Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI), has been the organiser of the Indonesian entry since the country's debut in the contest in 2012.[1] Indonesia have placed a bid to be the host nation for the ABU TV Song Festival 2015.[2]


TVRI is one of the founder members in the ABU TV Song Festivals, having participated in the very first ABU TV Song Festival 2012.[1]

ABU TV Song Festival 2015[edit]

At a press conference held on 18 July 2013 it was announced that Indonesia were submitting a bid to host the ABU TV Song Festival 2015.[2] In recent editions, the TV Festival has been held in the host city of the ABU General Assembly, with Istanbul, Turkey playing host to such assembly in 2015. If the bid were to be successful it would be the first time that the TV Festival has taken place away from the host country of the General Assembly.[3] The 2014 TV Festival is scheduled to take place in Macau, China, in conjunction with the 52nd ABU General Assembly.[3]


Year Artist Language Title English translation
2012 Maria Calista Indonesian "Karena Ku Sanggup" Because I Can
2013 Putri and Shella[4] Indonesian "Mimpiku" My Dream
2014 Tere Cia Indonesian "Dimana Hatimu" Where's your heart?


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