Indonesia national korfball team

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Association Persatuan Korfball Seluruh Indonesia
IKF membership 1984
IKF code INA Indonesia
IKF rank 41 (Dec. 2011)
World Championships
Appearances 2 (First in 1987)
Best result 10th place, 1987
Asia-Oceania Championships
Appearances  ? (First in 1990)
Best result

The Indonesia national korfball team is managed by the Persatuan Korfball Seluruh Indonesia (PKSI), representing Indonesia in korfball international competitions.

Tournament history[edit]

World Championships[1]
Year Championship Host Classification
1987 3rd World Championship Makkum (The Netherlands) 10th place
1991 4th World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 12th place
Asia-Oceania Championships
Year Championship Host Classification
1990 1st Asia-Oceania Championship Jakarta (Indonesia) 4th place
1992 2nd Asia-Oceania Championship Delhi (India) not participate
1994 3rd Asia-Oceania Championship Adelaide (Australia) Med 3.png 3rd place
1998 4th Asia-Oceania Championship Durban (South Africa) not participate
2002 5th Asia-Oceania Championship India (India) not participate
2004 6th Asia-Oceania Championship New Zealand (New Zealand) not participate
2006 7th Asia-Oceania Championship Hong Kong (Hong Kong) not participate
2010 8th Asia-Oceania Championship China (China) not participate
2014 9th Asia-Oceania Championship Kowloon (Hong Kong) 10th place
Asian Championships
Year Championship Host Classification
2013 3rd Asian Championship Tian Jin (China) 7th place