Indonesian Red Cross Society

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Indonesian Red Cross Society
Palang Merah Indonesia
Indonesian Red Cross Society logo
Indonesian Red Cross Society logo
Abbreviation PMI
Formation 17 September 1945; 68 years ago (1945-09-17)
Type NGO
Legal status
Purpose Humanitarianism
Headquarters Jakarta
Location Indonesia
Region served
Official language
Jusuf Kallaa
Staff 105 staff, including 17 expatriatesb
Remarks aElected from 19th national meeting for period 2009–2015[1]
bFrom ICRC website[2]

Indonesian Red Cross Society (Indonesian: Palang Merah Indonesia) is a humanitarian organization in Indonesia. It is a member of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Indonesia is the one of the very few majority Muslim countries to use the Red Cross as its symbol.

In mid-2013, Indonesia Red Cross Society has 32,568 people join in Volunteer Corps, 19,294 join in Individual Volunteers and 893,381 Blood Donor Volunteers or totally 945,243 persons and is recorded as the most number volunteers in the world.[3]


The IRCS was created on 17 September 1945, exactly 1 month after Indonesia's independence.[4] President Soekarno ordered its inception when a battle between Indonesian soldiers and allied troops broke out, leaving many wounded, on 3 September 1945.[4] Based on the performance, IRCS received an international recognition in 1950 that it was accepted as a member of the International Red Cross and achieved its legal status through Presidential Decree Number 25 Year 1959, which was later reinforced by Presidential Decree Number 245 Year 1963.[4]


The IRCS central headquarters is located at Jl. Jenderal Gatot Soebroto Kav. 96, Jakarta 12790.[5]

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