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Indonesian National Armed Forces
Tentara Nasional Indonesia
Lambang TNI 2013.png
Insignia of Indonesian National Armed Forces
Founded October 5, 1945 (as Badan Keamanan Rakyat)
Service branches

Indonesian Army TNI AD (Army)
Indonesian National Navy TNI AL (Navy)

Indonesian National Air Force TNI AU (Air Force)
Headquarters Jakarta
Reaching military
age annually
(2008 est.[1])
Active personnel 476,000 persons[citation needed]
Budget $8.4 billion USD (2013)
Percent of GDP 1.0% (2013)

The Indonesian Military (TNI) uses a simplified ranking system for the three branches of Indonesian Army, Indonesian Navy and Indonesian Air Force. Most of the ranks are similar with differences for the rank titles of the high-ranking officers. Exception exists, however, in the ranks of the service members of the Indonesian Marine Corps. While Indonesian Marine Corps is a branch of the Navy, the rank titles of the Marine Corps are the same as those of the Army, but it still uses the Navy's style insignia (for lower-ranking enlisted men, blue are replacing the red color).

As said above, all services maintain the same rank insignia and title, with the main difference for officers are that high-ranking officers use their special titles, while officers below that rank use the similar title but followed by their respective branch/corps abbreviation. For example, an Army colonel with Infantry branch use the title "Kolonel INF.", which "INF" means "Infanteri" or "Infantry"; A Navy colonel with Supply Corps background use the title "Kolonel Laut (S)", in which "S" means "Suplai" or "Supply". Also, an Air Force Colonel with Electronical Engineering Corps background use the title "Kolonel (Lek)", in which "Lek" means "Elektronika" or "Electronics". There are no differences with enlisted personnel's title for Army and Air Force, but the Navy still use the personnel's branch/corps abbreviation behind the title.

High-ranking officers use gold stars as their insignia, middle-rank officers use gold jasmine buds and lower-rank officer use gold bars. High-rank NCOs use wavy bars, NCOs use yellow chevrons, high-rank enlisted men use red chevrons (blue for Navy and Marine Corps) and lower-rank enlisted men use red bars (blue for Navy and Marine Corps).

Rank and Insignia[edit]

Tentara Keamanan Rakyat[edit]

This ranks and insignia list is used at the beginning of the establishment of Security Forces of the People or Tentara Keamanan Rakyat TKR before establishment the current military, Tentara Nasional Indonesia. This insignia is used for TKR particularly army ranks. For TKR Navy and TKR Air Force used different insignia.

Tanda pangkat
Djenderal Letnan Djenderal Djenderal Major
Kolonel Letnan Kolonel Major
Kapten Letnan I Letnan II
Letnan Muda Sersan Major Sersan
Kopral Pradjurit Klas-I Pradjurit Klas-II
  • Note: Used previous spelling.

Tentara Nasional Indonesia[edit]

This ranks and insignia are used at this time since the enactment of new regulations in 1997.

TNI Angkatan Darat (Indonesian Army) and Korps Marinir (Indonesian Marine Corps) TNI Angkatan Laut (Indonesian Navy) TNI Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Air Force)
Perwira (Officer)
Honorary Rank
Jenderal besar pdh ad.png
Jenderal Besar (General of the Army/Marshal)
Laksamana besar pdh al.png
Laksamana Besar (Admiral of the Fleet)
Marsekal besar pdh au.png
Marsekal Besar (Marshal of the Air Force)
Perwira Tinggi (Flag Officer, General Officer)
Jenderal pdh ad.png
Jenderal (General)
Laksamana pdh al.png
Laksamana (Admiral)
Marsekal pdh au.png
Marsekal (Air Chief Marshal)
Letjen pdh ad.png
Letnan Jenderal (Lieutenant General)
Laksdya pdh al.png
Laksamana Madya (Vice Admiral, lit. Middle Admiral)
Marsdya pdh au.png
Marsekal Madya (Air Marshal, lit. Middle Marshal)
Mayjen pdh ad.png
Mayor Jenderal (Major General)
Laksda pdh al.png
Laksamana Muda (Rear Admiral, lit. Young Admiral)
Marsda pdh au.png
Marsekal Muda (Air Vice Marshal, lit. Young Marshal)
Brigjen pdh ad.png
Brigadir Jenderal (Brigadier General)
Laksma pdh al.png
Laksamana Pertama (Commodore, lit. means First Admiral)
Marsma pdh au.png
Marsekal Pertama (Air Commodore, lit. means First Marshal)
Perwira Menengah (Middle-ranked Officer)
Kolonel pdh ad.png
Kolonel (Colonel)
Kolonel pdh al.png
Kolonel (Colonel)
Kolonel pdh au.png
Kolonel (Colonel)
Letkol pdh ad.png
Letnan Kolonel (Lieutenant Colonel)
Letkol pdh al.png
Letnan Kolonel (Lieutenant Colonel)
Letkol pdh au.png
Letnan Kolonel (Lieutenant Colonel)
Mayor pdh ad.png
Mayor (Major)
Mayor pdh al.png
Mayor (Major)
Mayor pdh au.png
Mayor (Major)
Perwira Pertama (Lower-ranked Officer)
Kapten pdh ad.png
Kapten (Captain)
Kapten pdh al.png
Kapten (Captain)
Kapten pdh au.png
Kapten (Captain)
Lettu pdh ad.png
Letnan Satu (First Lieutenant, Lieutenant)
Lettu pdh al.png
Letnan Satu (First Lieutenant, Lieutenant)
Lettu pdh au.png
Letnan Satu (First Lieutenant, Lieutenant)
Letda pdh ad.png
Letnan Dua (Second Lieutenant)
Letda pdh al.png
Letnan Dua (Second Lieutenant)
Letda pdh au.png
Letnan Dua (Second Lieutenant)
Bintara (Non-Commissioned Officer)
Bintara Tinggi (Warrant Officer)
Peltu pdh ad.png
Pembantu Letnan Satu (Chief Warrant Officer, lit. First Lieutenant Assistant)
Peltu pdh al.png
Pembantu Letnan Satu (Chief Warrant Officer, lit. First Lieutenant Assistant)
Peltu pdh au.png
Pembantu Letnan Satu (Chief Warrant Officer, lit. First Lieutenant Assistant)
Pelda pdh ad.png
Pembantu Letnan Dua (Warrant Officer, lit. Second Lieutenant Assistant)
Pelda pdh al.png
Pembantu Letnan Dua (Warrant Officer, lit. Second Lieutenant Assistant)
Pelda pdh au.png
Pembantu Letnan Dua (Warrant Officer, lit. Second Lieutenant Assistant)
Bintara (Non-Commissioned Officer)
Serma pdh ad.png
Sersan Mayor (Sergeant Major)
Serma pdh al.png
Sersan Mayor (Sergeant Major), equivalent with Senior Master Chief Petty Officer
Serma pdh au.png
Sersan Mayor (Sergeant Major)
Serka pdh ad.png
Sersan Kepala (Chief Sergeant)
Serka pdh al.png
Sersan Kepala (Chief Sergeant), equivalent with Master Chief Petty Officer
Serka pdh au.png
Sersan Kepala (Chief Sergeant)
Sertu pdh ad.png
Sersan Satu (First Sergeant)
Sertu pdh al.png
Sersan Satu (First Sergeant), equivalent with Senior Chief Petty Officer
Sertu pdh au.png
Sersan Satu (First Sergeant)
Serda pdh ad.png
Sersan Dua (Second Sergeant)
Serda pdh al.png
Sersan Dua (Second Sergeant), equivalent with Chief Petty Officer
Serda pdh au.png
Sersan Dua (Second Sergeant)
Tamtama (Enlisted)
Tamtama Kepala (Higher rank enlisted)
Kopka pdh ad.png
Kopral Kepala (Chief Corporal)
Kopka pdh al.png
Kopral Kepala (Chief Seaman Corporal), equivalent with 1st Class Petty Officer
Kopka pdh au.png
Kopral Kepala (Chief Corporal)
Koptu pdh ad.png
Kopral Satu (Corporal)
Koptu pdh al.png
Kopral Satu (Leading Seaman Corporal), equivalent with 2nd Class Petty Officer
Koptu pdh au.png
Kopral Satu (Corporal)
Kopda pdh ad.png
Kopral Dua (Lance Corporal)
Kopda pdh al.png
Kopral Dua (Able Seaman Corporal), equivalent with 3rd Class Petty Officer
Kopda pdh au.png
Kopral Dua (Lance Corporal)
Tamtama (Lower rank Enlisted)
Praka pdh ad.png
Prajurit Kepala (Chief Private)
Kelasi kepala pdh al.png
Kelasi Kepala (Chief Seaman)
Praka pdh au.png
Prajurit Kepala (Chief Airman)
Pratu pdh ad.png
Prajurit Satu (Private First Class)
Kelasi satu pdh al.png
Kelasi Satu (Seaman)
Pratu pdh au.png
Prajurit Satu (Airman First Class)
Prada pdh ad.png
Prajurit Dua (Private, Marine)
Kelasi dua pdh al.png
Kelasi Dua (Seaman Recruit)
Prada pdh au.png
Prajurit Dua (Airman)


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