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Industrial Monk is an electronic music duo which combines industrial music with Gregorian chants and other religious liturgies.


Industrial Monk is composed of Frederick Vogler and Takashi Kawai. Prior to the genesis of Industrial Monk, Vogel and Kawai worked as sound engineers and sound designers for the Hollywood movie industry and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Their first album, Magnificat, was distributed by the Telarc record label to moderate critical acclaim. However, the critical acclaim was not matched by commercial success. Their second record, Prophecies, was released by the RCM record label. The release was delayed for nearly two years because of legal wrangling. An early, promotional release of the CD featured a cover of Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein", but when the CD actually hit the shelves a year later, this track was missing. Their most recent album is only available via Internet download.


  • Magnificat (1998)
  • Prophecies (2001)
  • IM3 (2005)

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