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Industrial Scripts (Industrial Scripts) is a UK-based screenwriting website and script consultancy.[1][2][3][4][5] Its primary aim is to provide script consultancy services, through a team of established script readers. Script reading services allow directors, production companies and screenwriters (both established and amateur) to have screenplays analysed, examining their marketability, suitability for production, and potential for further development.

History and Organization[edit]

Industrial Scripts was founded in early 2010, and is a small company, operating from its London-based offices. Individuals currently working within the British film and television industries,[6] including Evan-Leighton Davis,[7][8] Toby Garfath,[9] and Daisy Allsop [10] are responsible for all of Industrial Script's consultancy work. Since its inception, Industrial Scripts has provided script feedback, analysis and reading services for a variety of notable production companies and organizations, including BBC Films, Dan Films, Ealing Studios, Warner Bros., Scott Free Films and Optimum Releasing.[11]

Development and Changes[edit]

Notable recent changes to the company include the expansion and development of services geared towards amateur and aspiring film-makers and writers, including monthly training courses held in 'Effective Script Reading' and 'Making The Low Budget Feature Film.' [12] The website has recently been expanded to include a feature called 'The Insider Interviews', where interviews [13] with individuals currently working in the British film industry [14][15] can be viewed. These include writer/director Stuart Hazeldine, Alexei Boltho of Paramount and screenwriter David Scinto.


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