Inexhaustible Chalice

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The Inexhaustible Chalice icon

Inexhaustible Chalice (Russian: Неупиваемая чаша, that is, Inexaustible Cup, or Non-intoxicating Chalice) is a Russian Marian icon which belongs to the Orans type and is considered miracle-making. The feast day for this icon is May 5.[1]

The Russian Orthodox Church claims the icon (and the Mother of God herself – the Θεοτόκος (Theotokos) or Богородица (Bogoroditsa)) help those who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction.[2][1] The icon first appeared in 1878 to a peasant near Serpukhov. The original image was lost in the late 1920s, when divine service in the churches of Serpukhov was discontinued.

The Vysotsky Monastery and Vladychny Convent in Serpukhov have two copies of the original image which attract hundreds of pilgrims from all over Russia and abroad, who come to Serpukhov hoping for spiritual and physical healing.


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