Infanta María Amalia of Spain (1779-1798)

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Maria Amalia of Bourbon, Infanta of Spain (Madrid, 9 January 1779 - Madrid, 22 July 1798), was a Spanish princess. She was a daughter of King Charles IV of Spain (1748–1819) and his spouse, Queen Maria Louisa of Bourbon-Parma (1751–1819).

Maria Amalia was originally intended to marry Louis I, King of Etruria, but he preferred her younger sister, Maria Luisa; thus in 1795, she married her uncle (who was twenty-four years older than she was), Antonio Pascual, Infante of Spain.

In 1798, they were the parents to a child who was either stillborn who died soon after.

Maria Amalia was a Dame of the Spanish Order of Maria Luisa.