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Infected Mushroom
Infected Mushroom (Live) 2.jpg
Infected Mushroom at Coachella 2007
Background information
Origin Kiryat Yam, Haifa District, Israel[1]
Genres Psychedelic trance, electro house, electronica, electronic rock, glitch-hop, industrial
Years active 1996–present
Labels Hom-Mega, Perfecto, Dim Mak Records
Associated acts The M Machine, Lady Gaga, Astrix, Skazi, Hatikva 6, Datsik, Perry Farrell, Ray Manzarek, Steve Aoki, Pegboard Nerds, Savant, Kelsy Karter, Yahel, Xerox
Members Amit Duvdevani
Erez Eisen
Notable instruments
Zoom effects machine, Moogs, Nord g2, Cubase, Yamaha Motif, Nord Lead, Eventide H8000, Lexicon 960, Sonic Core Scope DSP platform, Lev Solutions preamplifier, Avalons, Neve 1073, API, SSL, RME AES-32

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psytrance/electronica/psychedelic/indie duo formed in Haifa in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani.[1] Both of its founding members currently reside in Los Angeles, California.[1] Infected Mushroom is one of the best-selling groups in Israeli music history, in terms of both domestic and international sales.[2]

They employ a variety of musical sources, including acoustic guitars and complex synthesized basses, and their compositions that often contain changes of drum beat and tempo. Infected Mushroom's live shows feature vocals and analogue instruments in performances that are set against a multimedia backdrop.


Erez Eisen was born on 8 September 1980 in Qiryat Yam, Israel. He began classical training at a young age, learning to play the organ at age 4[3] and studying classical piano at the Haifa Conservatory from the age of 8. Eisen became involved with computerized music at age 11, beginning with Impulse Tracker[contradiction] and later moving to more advanced musical composition software.[4]

Eisen had collaborated with DJ Jörg and other notable psy-trance artists by the age of 18,[5] and has released three albums and a multitude of tracks under different psy-trance monikers including Shidapu and Shiva Shidapu.[5][6]

Amit Duvdevani was born on 7 November 1974 in Israel, and had a similar musical background as Erez Eisen (Infected Mushroom). He started to play the piano at age seven and continued to do so for nine years, and then went on to heavy metal and punk rock. Amit played keyboards and wrote most of the material for the Haifa punk rock band Enzyme.[7] He attended his first trance party in 1991, and has more than once described this as an experience which sparked his interest in trance music.

He was conscripted into the Israel Defense Forces, where he was first nicknamed Duvdev.[8] After he finished his conscription in Israel, Amit spent a year in India,[9] primarily in Goa.[10] He collaborated with a member of Shidapu on four tracks, which were never released.[5]

Infected Mushroom at the DNA Lounge in 2002.

Musical career[edit]

The band has been known to average 120 live performances a year including, repeat, sold-out shows from the Ultra Music Festival in Miami to the Virgin Festival in Baltimore, from Mexico's OMIX to Cali's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, to Brazil's Ipanema Beach, and from Melbourne's Metro Club to the 2009 and 2011 Burningman Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Solidifying their position as an international act.

Infected Mushroom have been twice ranked amongst the world's "10 Best DJ's" by U.K.'s DJ Magazine.


Eisen and Duvdevani first began to play together in 1996. A few of their early efforts were released under the name Shidapu & Duvdev. The duo then renamed themselves Infected Mushroom, and began work on their first album, 1999's The Gathering. This album featured a dark, rhythmic sonic atmosphere exemplified by its popular track, "Psycho".[citation needed] It was one of the first albums to bring Israeli psytrance to mainstream audiences, and contributed to the genre's worldwide popularity.[citation needed]

Their 2000 album, Classical Mushroom, contained "Bust A Move", one of their most lauded productions. The album is commonly referred to as one of the groups best efforts, in which they continued their sonic evolution, and it remains one of the best-known albums in the genre.[citation needed]

The duo's 2001 B.P. Empire is notable for the musical epic "Dancing With Kadafi", which segues numerous styles of music, most notably through middle-eastern style melodies and a classical break which showcases Erez and Amit's piano skills.

Converting Vegetarians (2003), was a two-disc set. The 'Trance Side' disc contained trance-like dancefloor material comparable to their earlier work, while the disc entitled 'The Other Side' contained genre-bending experimental music. 'The Other Side' included Duvdev's vocal debut on the title track, the downtempo "Elation Station", and the electro-pop tracks "Blink" and "Illuminaughty".


The 2004 release of IM The Supervisor, often incorrectly referred to as "I'm The Supervisor", continued to mix psytrance with other musical genres and became Infected Mushroom's best-selling album to date. It was psychedelic in a way that dance music rarely had been prior to its release, certain parts of IM The Supervisor, most notably the gamelan-like noises, cut-up samples, and the old-school sequencer throb of "Bombat," were lauded as innovative at the time.[citation needed]

Infected Mushroom in Russia

Guitarists Thomas Cunningham and Erez Netz joined the group in 2004, the same year as the band relocated from their Haifa base to a studio in Los Angeles, California.[11] Brazilian percussionist Rogério Jardim was recruited later on, in 2007.

Infected Mushroom rose to #9 in the influential DJmag Top 100 DJs poll[12] and were the highest placed psytrance DJs in the category's 2007 debut appearance, a reflection of the role the group had played in the genre's increased worldwide popularity.


2007 saw the release of their most diverse musical effort up until that point, Vicious Delicious, which includes "Becoming Insane", a Spanish-guitar-led track whose Spanish lyrics include a collaboration between Infected Mushroom and Gil, of Kinky, and the hip-hop influenced "Artillery". The album as a whole features greater use of guest vocalists, as well as the live guitars and drums. The variety of genres explored in the album made it a widely accessible piece of electronic art, exposing the psychedelic side of electronica to a wider audience at its release.

Legend of the Black Shawarma[13] was released in 2009. It includes a remix of The Doors' classic "Riders on the Storm", and continues the stylistic variety and use of guest vocalists. The album title refers to an Australian who wanted to go to sea in a shark proof cage, and was told that he would seem like the Middle-eastern delicacy black shawarma to the sharks. The explosion of success with Legend of the Black Shawarma, lead to a 3-year tour aligned with inspiration to release their most multi-faceted album to date–Army of Mushrooms.[citation needed]


The band's 2012 album, Army of Mushrooms, was released on May 8, 2012 under Dim Mak Records. It features tracks influenced by the psychedelic trance, dubstep, house and drum and bass genres, such as the up-tempo, breakbeat track "The Rat". The album includes a cover of "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters, the progressive heavy-hitter "Drum n' Bassa" and "Nation of Wusses", released as a single on April 3, 2012, and "U R So Fucked",[14] released as a single/video on February 14, 2012.[15]

May 12, 2012 Infected Mushroom launched a large-scale North American tour, "The Unveiling", featuring a revamped stage production and novel audio/visual live aspects. The new live production featured Erez and Duvdev within two specially designed hollow spheres placed onstage, amongst other high tech additions to the bands live setup and multimedia backdrop.

January 2013 saw the duo embark on their FungusAmongUS tour across North America with special guests The M Machine. The "FungusAmongUS" is designed by Vita Motus and V Squared Labs, the creators of Amon Tobin’s ISAM production. Infected Mushroom have been cited as currently utilizing Steinberg's digital audio workstation Steinberg Cubase on custom built PCs in their Los Angeles studio, as a part of their music production.[4]

The duo released a collaborative EP named Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1 in January 2013 under the Label Dim Mak Records. The EP consisted of tracks featuring Astrix and Hope 6. In July 2013 the duo released Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 2 also under Dim Mak Records and contained collaborative efforts from Pegboard Nerds, Savant, and Kelsy Karter. In August 2013, it was revealed via the leaked song "Aura", that Infected Mushroom have worked as producers on the upcoming third studio album by Lady Gaga titled ARTPOP. A "Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 2" EP was released on Dim Mak Records in August 2013. The EP featured tracks and vocals from artists such as Savant, Pegboard Nerds and vocals from Kelsy Karter. Also in late 2013 Infected Mushroom embarked on a tour of their own with musicians Savant and DJ Astrix. It is confirmed that Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 3 will be released on May 2014 and have few collaborations, including Savant.

Side projects[edit]


  • With Miki Litvak (ex-Domestic), Oren Kislev and Roy Sasson: Shidapu
  • With Talamasca: Magic Mushrooms
  • With Shiva (DJ Jörg): Shiva Shidapu

Eisen and Duvdev[edit]

  • With Space Cat: Cat On Mushroom
  • With PsySex: Sex On Mushroom
  • With DJ Jörg: Jörg On Mushroom
  • With Domestic: Domestic Mushroom
  • With Deedrah: Infected Deedrah
  • With Hallucinogen and Michele Adamson: Fly Agaric
  • With Astrix: Infected Astrix


Amit Duvdevani of Infected Mushroom at the Soulclipse festival in Turkey.



  • Intelligate EP (1999)
  • Bust a Move EP (2001)
  • Classical Mushroom EP (2001)
  • B.P. Empire EP (2001)
  • Birthday EP (feat. Berry Sakharof) (2002)
  • "Deeply Disturbed" (2003)
  • Songs From The Other Side EP (2003)
  • "Cities of the Future" (2004)
  • "Stretched" (2005)
  • "Becoming Insane" (2007)
  • "Smashing The Opponent" (2009)
  • "Killing Time" (2010)
  • "Deck & Sheker" (2010)
  • "Pink Nightmares" (2011)
  • "I'm Alive" (with Paul Oakenfold) (2011)
  • "U R So F****d" / "U R So Smart" (2012)
  • "Evilution" (with Datsik feat. Jonathan Davis) (2012)
  • "Nation of Wusses" (2012)
  • "Nation of Wusses Remixes" (2012)
  • "Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 1" (2013)
  • "Never Mind" (2013)
  • "See Me Now" - Single (2013)
  • "Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 2" (2013)
  • "Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 3" (2014)

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Director(s)
2003 "Deeply Disturbed"
2006 "Becoming Insane" harv
2009 "Smashing The Opponent" Jonathan Davis
2010 "Killing Time (Infected Trance Remix)" Matan Cohen
2011 "Pink Nightmares" Sebastian Lopez
2012 "U R So F*cked" Dim Mak Records
2012 "Evilution (with Datsik feat. Jonathan Davis)" Dim Mak Records

Tracks Released on Compilations[edit]

List Generated from the Infected Mushroom Website.[16]

Track Name: Artist - Album/Compilation

  • Acid Killer: IsrAliens
  • Angel Jonathan: Yahel - For The People
  • Anyone Else But Me: Unidentified Forms of Sound 2
  • Arabian Knights On Mescaline: GMS vs. Systembusters
  • Baby Killer: Void Indigo
  • Blue Rhythmic Night: Space Mantra
  • Cat On Mushroom: Space Cat - Beam Me Up
  • Classical Mushroom: IsrAliens 2
  • Coolio Remix: Coolio EP
  • Crazy D: IsrAliens
  • Dainai: Yahel - Something to Remember
  • Devil: Unidentified Forms Of Sound
  • Dirty 80's: Psysex - Hardcore Blastoff
  • Doremifas: Unidentified Forms of Sound 3
  • Double Click: Israel's Psychedelic Trance 5
  • Double Click (Piano Version): Parashurama - Morning Origin Of Species
  • Dream Theatre: Space Mantra
  • Electro Panic: Yahel - Private Collection
  • Elm: Unidentified Forms Of Sound
  • Evadawn: Vision quest Gathering 2002/Amphibians
  • Expose: Deck Wizards - Enhanced Reality
  • Facing: Magnet
  • For The People: Yahel - For The People
  • Gravity Waves Rmx: Xerox - Freestyle
  • I See Myself: Unusual Suspects
  • Intelligate: The Digital Dance Of Shiva
  • Into The Matrix: IsrAliens 2
  • Look At Me: Voojoo Rituals
  • Lo Ra: Life Is... Creation
  • LSD Story (Duvdev Rmx): GMS - The Remixes
  • Merlin: In My Brain
  • Millions OF Miles Away Remix: Oforia - Millions Miles Away EP
  • Ministry of Angels: Contact Clubber Vol: 1
  • Montoya: Unidentified Forms Of Sound
  • Monster (Remix): Astrix - Artcore
  • Muddy Effect: Deck Wizards - Enhanced Reality
  • My Mummy Said: Infected Deedrah - My Mummy Said EP
  • Now Is The Time (Duvdev Solo): Full On 7
  • One Absolute: Full On 3
  • Overload: Full On Vol. 2 - The Israeli DAT Mafia
  • Power Of Celtics
  • Psycho Live Mix: Full On 4
  • Red Filter: Full On 5
  • S is Here : Most Wanted Pres. DJ Yahel - Mixing In Action
  • Scotch: Voojo Rituals
  • Smahutta: Full On 6
  • Small Moves: The Digital Dance Of Shiva
  • Symphonatic: Tsunami
  • The Fly: Psychotropic
  • The Messenger: Kum Haras, Space Mantra - Ganesh Propaganda
  • Tiwanacu: Kum Haras
  • Voices: Tsunami
  • Waves of sound: Yahel - Waves Of Sound
  • Where Is S: Destination Goa 7
  • Wider: Future Navigators II
  • 9%: Heat Seekers Israeli Trance Allstars
  • You Don't Exist


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