Infection (2004 film)

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Japanese film poster
Directed by Masayuki Ochiai
Produced by Takashige Ichise
Screenplay by Masayuki Ochiai
Story by Ryoichi Kimizuka
Starring Kōichi Satō
Masanobu Takashima
Release dates
  • October 2, 2004 (2004-10-02)
Running time 98 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Infection (感染 Kansen?) is a 2004 Japanese horror film directed by Masayuki Ochiai, of a run-down hospital where a doctor's mistake unwittingly creates dark consequences for all. Released as part of the six-volume J-Horror Theater series.


At a hospital, Dr. Akiba refuses to admit a patient with a strange black rash, and is then alerted to a serious crisis in another room. There, a patient, though unconscious, has somehow fallen to the floor, dead, having apparently been given the wrong drug. Akiba, another doctor, and four nurses decide to cover up the true cause of his death and move the body to an unused room to speed up the burning process so they could report that he died from his injuries.

Akiba discovers that the patient he rejected earlier has been left in the hallway; another doctor, Akai, decides that they should study the patient's symptoms: his body mass is liquefying into a green goo, although he is technically still alive (shown off-screen). Not knowing how much Akai knows about the events in Room 3, Akiba and the other doctor reluctantly agree to study the new patient for the moment. Before long though, the staff return to the room to find that the patient has vanished from the examination room, and the head nurse has been left unconscious on the floor. The staff try to locate him.

It becomes obvious that they are all at risk of infection when the head nurse goes mad in front of the misuse nurse. She begins to bleed the green goo from her ears and eyes as the doctors come to her aid. They put her on a bed and cover her with plastic, and her internal organs begin to liquefy as well, and they leave her there to reduce the meanings of infection.

The youngest, inexperienced nurse goes into the room where the head nurse rests. The head nurse is not in her bed and is standing several feet behind the inexperienced nurse. Later we see the inexperienced nurse sitting down on a chair. The mean nurse finds her practicing drawing blood on herself, as earlier she had been scalded for not being very good at it. She mentions that she was a sickly child and looked up to the nurses that helped her, and that's why she wanted to become a nurse. She then lets out an insane laugh. The mean nurse frantically apologizes for her behavior earlier but the inexperienced nurse plunges two needles into herself and suddenly, green goo explodes out of her, splattering the mean nurse.

Akiba, Uozumi and Akai discuss the infection and the mean nurse overhears, growing panicked. The inexperienced nurse's corpse then sits up on its own. Uozumi argues with Akai and storms out of the room. The mean nurse, meanwhile, is talking to what she believes is the burn victim's mother, who has arrived to visit her son. She is turned away by the mean nurse. After more discussion, Akiba goes to follow Uozumi, first checking if the mean nurse is alright. She is found, eating food she claims the burn victim's mother had left them. When shown, it appears that she is eating squares of flesh.

Uozumi is in one of the rooms and he speaks to a patient he had killed. Uozumi is overcome with guilt and starts crying. Akiba then enters and notices that Uozumi is alone. Uozumi's eyes turn white and the goo begins to come from him. Uozumi starts screaming and Akiba flees in terror. Akiba, panicking, turns to find the mean nurse, now infected and covered in green goo, smiling and hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Akiba finds the misuse nurse, now giving her own blood to the dead burn patient, but before he can stop her, the infected head nurse steps out of the shadows, asking him to join her and the other infected staff together. Akiba flees the room and leaves the already infected misuse nurse behind, now being scared for his life since he is all alone.

In the morning, Akiba faces Akai, stating that Akai was the one who created and spread the virus in order to use the other staff members as guinea pigs to the virus. Akai denies it, and instead states that the infection is spread not physically, but mentally, infecting the subconscious mind of a victim. Akai urges Akiba to remember the true events that happened in Room 3.

At this point, the final doctor Nakazono comes in and finds Akiba holding a conversation with no one. She challenges him, and Akiba states he is talking to Akai, but then he realizes he was looking in a mirror, and no one was really there. He looks around and sees the corpses of the mean nurse and the inexperienced nurse, dead and covered in blood, not in the green goo that was on them before. He realizes that his last few hours had not been a reality, but a hallucination.

Nakazono calls the police and Akiba recalls the events in Room number 3 and realizes that "Akai" was actually the burn patient. He then sees the same series of events with himself as the burn patient, while Akai takes over Akiba's role and gives the orders for the wrong drug, and that he massacred the entire staff. He comes to his senses and cuts himself with a scalpel in order to see the color of his blood. He sees red blood come out of the cut, but in the mirror he sees the blood as oozing green goo.

As more staff arrive in the morning, the hospital is cleared of all patients due to the night's events, revealing all of the staff except for Nakazono are dead and the police starts the search for Akiba, who has vanished out of the hospital. When Nakazono is leaving the hospital, she sees all the red lights change to green and vice versa; panicking, she accidentally cuts her hand, and sees green blood pour out of her hand.

The movie ends with a shot of a locker in the room where the burn victim was heated. Someone inside of the locker is calling for help, and green goo starts pouring out of it. The top of the locker starts opening and a hand covered in goo reaches out. By the watch on the hand it can be determined that Akiba is hidden inside the locker. The hand then falls onto the floor.



The film was released as part of producer Takashige Ichise's J-Horror Theater series along with Premonition, Reincarnation, and Retribution, among others.[1]


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