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Infiltration may refer to: infusion by coating or spraying

In elements and substances[edit]

In espionage, exploration, and military[edit]

  • Infiltration tactics, tactics developed by the German army in 1917 that broke the trench-warfare stalemate on the western front
  • An attempt to sneak across a border, or into a guarded place
  • Espionage, an attempt to infiltrate a target organization
  • Urban exploration, exploring parts of towns, etc. which are normally off-limits

In media and entertainment[edit]

In medicine[edit]

  • Infiltration (medical), the diffusion or accumulation of substances not normal to it or in amounts in excess of the normal

In politics[edit]

  • Entryism, a political tactic aimed at dissolving potentially harmful organizations or political adversaries
  • Prevention of infiltration law, an Israeli law declaring the return of the Arabs evicted from their homes and villages during the 1948 war to return into the state of Israel

In technology[edit]

  • INFILTRATE, a security conference held annually since 2011